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Though many argue whether religious belief is a good or bad thing, to a lot of people religious belief is a good way of living and leading life in a positive manor to the best their ability. Historically, religious belief has been the cause of many invasions, murders, social unrest and wars over the years; paradoxically, religious belief has formed many advantages to the society.

Lots of parts of modern society are completely based on religious belief. Religion proclaims that killing human beings as well as thieving is a sin. While only some of us live in true theocracies, our religious imperative directs us to implement laws that reflect our understanding of life and the universe. Society also requires these laws and rules to function correctly. Though we don’t all agree with all laws, the legal system permits us to protection and liberty based on the tradition of religion.

Humanity looks to religion to get over their grief, for example the death of a family member or a close friend. All people are afraid of death because of the uncertainty of what happens after their death. Religious belief systems provide answers to its followers. All religions provide comfort in the certainty of their belief systems. While a lot of people are by born religious, lots of others convert one to another religion by their choice, generally based on own beliefs in addition to feel the more comfortable. It’s a bit like shopping for your karma.

Religious beliefs can help you to get an exact answer of an unanswered question, like- “what’s the meaning of life”, “where do I come from” or “why should I lead a good life”. Human brain will not be able to get the exact answers to these questions, but religious belief is able to assure you stability by providing some answers to these immense questions. This is why religious belief is important for all human beings to lead a fulfilling life.